I am a math PhD student at the University of Geneva, doing research in tensor networks, numerical linear algebra and machine learning. I like to do data science as a hobby, and I will use this website as a blog and post some of my projects.

Feel free to contact me if you’re interested in any of the things I do!

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GMRES: or how to do fast linear algebra

24 minute read

Linear least-squares system pop up everywhere, and there are many fast way to solve them. We’ll be looking at one such way: GMRES.

Blind Deconvolution #2: Image Priors

15 minute read

In order to automatically sharpen images, we need to first understand how a computer can judge how ‘natural’ an image looks.

2020 in music

6 minute read

2020 was a great year for music, I will look back and give some thoughts on the best albums that came out in 20202.

Modeling uncertainty in exam scores

5 minute read

We use exams to determine how much a student knows, but exams aren’t perfect. How can we estimate the uncertainty in students’ exams scores?

How do my music preferences evolve?

7 minute read

I use last.fm to track my music listening. Let’s look at my data to discover how my musical preferences evolve over time.

Is my data normal?

9 minute read

Normally distributed data is great, but how do you know whether your data is normally distributed?

Bias in figure skating judging

5 minute read

Judging in figure skating is biased. Let’s use data science to figure out just how bad the issue is.

First post

less than 1 minute read

My first post in this blog