I'm Rik Voorhaar, a father and software developer currently living in Copenhagen. This is my personal page and blog, I hope you like it.

About me

Check out my CV / resume page if you want to know what I do for a living.
On a personal level here are some of my hobbies:

Reading I read almost everyday. Mostly sci-fi and fantasy novels, but also many other books. You can find an up-to-date list of all the books I've been reading on Goodreads.

Cooking I'm an enthuisiastic home cook, and I'm never too tired to cook a nice meal. I don't really stick to any particular cuisine, and I love experimenting with new recipes.

Music I've had a passion for music for a long time. I am alway on the hunt for new albums, and I don't stick to any particular genre. I keep track of the albums I like on Rate Your Music, and I have been logging all the music I've been listening to on Last.fm since 2010. I also play guitar (sometimes).

Coding I like to code in my free time, usually as part of a deep-dive in a topic I want to learn more about. If what I learned is interesting, I usually write a blog post about it.

Gaming I have always enjoyed gaming in my free time, even though nowadays it's hard to find the time. My favorite genres are open-world RPGs, sandbox and survivalcraft games. I also enjoy replaying games from my youth, and I really enjoy staying up to date with the speedrunning community around games I like.

About this website

I made this website from scratch using Svelte and Tailwind. The blog posts are written in markdown and rendered using MDsveX. This website is self-hosted on my VPS using Node inside a Docker container. You can find the source code for this website here.

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